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LeBron James will be "just doing it" with Nike for the rest of his life.

Nike, who has been LeBron's official sponsor since he graduated from high school, announced that they have signed a "lifetime deal" with LeBron James. LeBron's first deal with Nike happened in May 2003 (7 years + $90 million).
An anonymous source have revealed that LeBron's new deal "easily surpasses" Kevin Durant's $300 million deal that lasts for ten years.

LeBron's deal is comparable to Nike's biggest endorser, Michael Jordan.

Jordan's attorneys have revealed that MJ received $480 million from Nike between 2000 and 2012. Michael played his last NBA game in 2003.
Unlike it's competitors, this is the first time Nike has signed a lifetime deal with an athlete. Adidas has famously (or infamously) signed a lifetime deal with injury-plagued Derrick Rose and Tracy McGrady. And Under Armour is on track with the 2015 NBA MVP, Stephen Curry.

Well, do my sports fans think Nike, which is undoubtedly the number one sports brand in the world, made the right choice signing LeBron to a lifetime deal?

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@VeronicaArtino Haha well I still respect him for his athletic abilities and his work ethic!
@gatorchick96 Yeah I feel like even though it's not written on paper, MJ will always be Nike and Nike will always be MJ!
@WilliamBrown Yeah and also, he hasn't run into any major problems just it might be worth it for Nike!
hmmm I genuinely don't know. I guess it would depend on the sport, but in general, Nike. I think this would work out for both Nike and James in the long run.
@FromBlue2U Yes. You just have to make sure LeBron doesn't do anything stupid to kill Nike's image!