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wtf is wrong wth u saesang like really fck off!!! thy need privacy!!! their humans!!!!
tis will explain everything
like really wtf is wrong wth ppl these days like really!?!?! wtf Man U guys r really messed up as fck man gosh n I am so sorry bout the bad language but tis is not right if I agree comment down below n let me know ur thoughts on tis stuff
If I ever run into a saesang, I swear to fucking god someone better hold me the fuck back or I will fucking slice.
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this is so wrong, the fans need to give them their privacy馃槱馃槱
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ever notice saesangs and one directioners share the same brain cell
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how do they even got their numbers, they don't seem fans STALKER ALERT this is so wrong Exo is always thinking about making their fans happy doing live and this weird people don't even respect that
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This bothers me so much..like omg what the heck is their problem?
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