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I get incredibly uncomfortable with pictures of idols at the airport or like walking around going on with their private life, but mostly airport pictures. Like I just feel like it's wrong. I mean they just spent who knows how long on a damn plane, they don't need you shoving your camera in their face. I honestly wish people would just stop. Yeah if you're a fan and you happen to run into them and they're willing to take a picture with you that's cool, but just bombarding them with pictures while they're going to the store or something is just messed up. Idk maybe it's just me because I know (to an extent) how having people take your picture when you don't want it feels.
And there's the people that go "oh well they shouldn't have become celebrities if they didn't want their pictures taken all the time." They didn't sign up for that part. Sure it's become a part of the package now, but do you honestly think GD wanted to be driven to the point where he covered his entire face so that he could get some privacy? Or take an idol that's already camera shy as it is, like Leo from VIXX, and do you really think he's comfortable with stepping a foot of the plane or outside and having his picture taken? They wanted to fulfill their dreams of singing not become everyone's model without their consent. Ugh I'm sorry it just pisses me off because I always see people commenting on these pictures saying "oh oppa looks so good" or "what crawled up his ass to make him look so pissed." And never see one person defending them for just wanting some damn peace and quiet without having to disguise themselves
Thank you!! I totally agree !! Like I understand if you run into them and oh hey can I get a picture (asking is most important) then get your picture and leave them be or simply a hi hello is fine but they are people too and deserve space and it kills me with the airport ones too! Especially when you see them trying to hide there face in pictures obviously they are tired they are constantly traveling and would like some space after a long flight just leave them be
You're not the only one! I can't even imagine myself asking to take their picture at the airport. Like don't get me wrong I would love to go to the airport to see them arrive but honestly I wouldn't want that to happen to me so why would they want everyone crowding around them after their long flights?
@MaeLyn it's perfectly okay I feel the same exact way I hate it soo much and seeing how GD walks in the airport makes me so angry why should he and all the other artists have to go through that I get it if your a paparazzi and that's your job but take your one picture and leave don't hoard around them and basically force them to have there picture taken because if it were the other way around they would hate it