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My blog: https://zuttokoko.wordpress.com/ My fanfics: https://m.fanfiction.net/u/3848429/ On my blog I write about all things that are in my head but mostly more Asian affiliated than anything else... On my fanfics I had a long hard year and was unable to update but my life is finally stable so then it became that I have not been able to update due to my computer crashing and dying a flaming miserable death but I get a new one in January so my blog and my fanfics will continue then... Also my couplings might be a bit weird as my Naruto OTP is Gaara and Hinata... I love love and hate death so death doesn't occur in my fanfics much if at all... I am not really worth following but if you want then I am grateful... This is posted in the top 16 communities that I will be writing about in my blog or have already written about...