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If you've been keeping up with the news than you've probably heard that hair ties are actually more dangerous than they look [read here]. Not only are they dangerous, but they can actually be rather tacky looking. No worries, we all do it -- so I guess that makes all of us tacky. Thanks to an amazing innovation called hairbanglez, you can finally kiss the tackiness goodbye while still being able to safely and stylishly wear your hair tie.
If there was ever a clever invention, this is it. This rather glam [or not so glam] invention is a bracelet that wears the hair tie for you, giving your wrist room to breath at the convenience of either a plastic or metal bangle. You'll never have to worry about losing another hair tie or running the risk of an infection again.

Ladies, would you invest in a hair bangle?

Yes!! No more itchiness. It's perfect. Literally @Luci546
okay, my mind is literally blown away O: awesome! I can finally avoid that itchiness I'd get from keeping a hair tie around my wrist