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Is anyone else caught up on the Fairy Tail anime and still watch it every week?! Have 5 friends and 2 complicateds who watch anime: 1 friend loves Fairy Tail but is too lazy to watch subbed, 2 are getting ready for college so are busy, and the other 2 take FOREVER to watch a 12 episode show so I'm not even going to try there!
The complicateds are 1 is at the Eclipse arc and suddenly says he never liked Fairy Tail and it sucks (and then ran away) and the other is too lazy.
My point of posting this: Anyone who watches every Friday, PLEASE MESSAGE ME! I HAVE NO ONE TO FREAK OUT WITH! I NEED TO FREAK OUT! Sorry if I sound crazy but someone must understand! So all of my fellow guild members, hit me up because seriously:
@marielfullem It is the biggest pain ever! And agreed: it can never come fast enough because it's always a huge cliff hanger! Japan loves laughing at everyone! T_T
@PASCUASIO that is the best auto correct I have ever seen, and somebody gets it! 馃槶
@marielfullem The feels are real!
Finally someone who understands the pain I suffer through on a daily basis!! @SarahSutcliff
my bad... lmao... I just noticed that my comment said the American issue... lmao... I meant to day the same issue.
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