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Happy Supernatural Week everybody!

Here are a few reasons why you should think twice about dating an alien:
1. They're fragile and get sick all the time.
2. They turn up randomly and it freaks everyone out.
3. They get sick again. and again, and again.
4. They can freeze time and thus can play SERIOUS pranks on you.
5. You have to ask them questions you never thought you'd ask anyone.
6. They have great hearing so they can hear your embarrassing singing voice no matter where you are.
7. They're forever young so you'll turn into an old raisin and they'll still look gorgeous!
8. They are super smart so no matter what your IQ is, you'll be dumb to them
9. Just when you want to hate them, they do something SO CUTE that you forgive them.

So dating an alien sucks, right?


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@GDsGF 馃槀 I know! I cry from every kdrama, my mom always walks in my room and asks "Are you crying from your show again?", I just respond "Leave me alone, I chose this path!"
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If the alien is as cute as Kim Soo hyun then yes!!!
2 years agoReply
It's ok I don't care I still want to date V. 馃榿
2 years agoReply
I'll take a Kim Soo Hyun alien anytime
2 years agoReply
@biancadanica98 that last part... so relatable 馃槀馃槀馃巿
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