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It really sucks to be a Browns fan.

Even if you're not a hardcore NFL fan, it's pretty easy to tell that they really do suck!

Well, some genius made this video of sad Browns' fans to Adele's "Hello".

[Warning: This video may make you really sad. I mean really, really sad.]

Football fans....let's show some love for Browns fans. If you happen to know a Browns fan, go give them a hug this jolly season.

A tear shed for the futility of the Browns 💧
I can't tell you how many browns fans I know and have in my family because they all have the same reaction about the browns
LMFAO!! HELL NO!!! One of my best friends, well his brother is a browns fan and i tell him all the time that they suck and he knows it lol. Not to mention as a Ravens fan I personally HATE browns fans that are from Cleveland. They are some of the rudest people ive ever met. I work for a contractor company that fixes the inside of houses that have foreclosed and one time we got sent to do a house up in erie Pa. We were about 40 mins from Cleveland and the guy that came to put in the carpet, him and his crew were from Cleveland. I had my ravens hat on and AS SOON as they saw me before they even said "hey were the carpet guys" they started talking so much shit about my team. All this before we had even met them!! lol like I had never seen them before and the first thing you say is that Baltimore stole your team and those superbowls should be ours and the list goes on and on. Finally after 30 minutes of being mr nice guy and just listening to all their bullshit (like thats ALL they kept talking about since they arrived) I finally looked at their boss and told "Your team sucked before they left. They sucked after they left. And they still suck now. So face it you guys will forever be in football purgatory" Needless to say that shut 3 of them up, as it turns out the 4th guy was a steelers fan who after here that laughed so hard that almost fell down the stairs he was working on. Did you know that the people in Cleveland actually believe that baltimore stole their team? Seriously. Even though we are the only franchise that EVER moved to anothwr city and left everything behind them. Baltimore told Art model that they didnt want the colors, records, or any of it because we knew what it was like to lose a team. Cleveland did without a team for 2 years.....we did without one for over 10.
you want to know something funny I was going to make a card about the factory of sadness video seen at the end of this. Seriously man so sad for my browns