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Okay who all has seen the splits segment on the Weekly Idol episode VIXX recently starred in? Omg literally Leo is me trying to do the splits. And then Ken, his face whenever he reaches his limit. But then there's Cha who says he can do it within 10 cm from the ground. I was like get it baby! Then Sungkyu (Sungkyu you sly dog 😂) slightly kicks his foot as he's going down into the splits, causing Hakyeon to go faster than he had intended to which led him to yelp. All I could think was your poor soul as Coni proceeds to push him to the ground. But he still did it! He looked so excited when he won the meat. Poor Leo wanted some too. But seriously how perfect can this man be? I knew he was a dancer but he can also do the splits? Lol I wish I could do the splits, I'm nowhere near close to ever being able to do them.