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Meeting "kpop fans"

Pretty much what happened today....... this girl asked if Suho was Vernon....... REALLY?!
Ikr I got so excited when I saw a girl at a store wearing a Zelo jacket that I had to talk to her! She(the girl at school) was being serious when she asked that. She claimed Vernon was her favorite "exo member". So I had to explain to her that they're completely different groups and people...@Jiyongixoxo
@QueenLele yes yes we do. I definitely want to meet people that are as passionate as I am. Plus we could just fangirl as much as we want.
@Lizzeh I think we need to meet each other cause I'm so into it 😂😂😂
I have yet to meet a kpop fan in real life
@errrkag omg that is hilarious but sad and heartbreaking at the same time. Maybe she's a newbie though? @QueenLele same here. I think. Well I've met two that like it but they're not as into it as I am so it's not fun 😞
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