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Let's face it, some things women just do better than men and vice versa. When it comes to wrapping gifts, it's a technique that not too many men are skilled at -- similar to folding clothes. Hence the reason why when it comes to celebrations or the holiday's men usually prefer to go with the gift bag option or let the lady do the honors.
These men [seen below] wanted to show that they were capable of wrapping a gift the old fashion way and well, although not all of their wrapping skills are superb -- it's rather adorable. Let's not forget to add the fact that all of these gifts are rather oddly shaped, which makes it all the more enjoyable to watch. It's the thought that counts, right?

Ladies, can you do any better?

Fellas, what do you think? Are you skilled at wrapping?
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@buddyesd YESSSSSSs.
@danidee be right back, gotta make a fast withdrawal...
@buddyesd I just pictured you saying that then pulling on a face mask and holding up a bank hahahaha. OH BOY MY HUMOR IS DARK.
@danidee shhh don't tell everybody
@buddyesd Oops, my bad.