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Hey everyone! So I've been on here for about two weeks or so and I decided I'd make my first post on here. So I just watched this anime and it was really really good! Not as creepy as I thought it would be. I'm a fan of SAO, Log Horizon, and No Game No Life and this was somewhat similar although closer to Log Horizon (which I wish there was another season ). Anyone think there will be another season of Overlord? or Log Horizon? What's everyone's thoughts on video game based anime? Any suggestions for anime based on magic and renaissance (or other older period) anime I could watch next? Thanks!
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that might be true, one of the main reasons I couldn't enjoy t was because I typically can't watch animes that old. just because it is old. I was spoiled perhaps.
that's not to say that I don't like all old anime because there certainly are a few I do enjoy.
@djmaxfly I can understand that, but you should try to give them a chance anyway. some of the older animes are indisputable classics. like akira.
@VinMcCarthy akira sounds familiar but I have yet to see it, I do typically enjoy the movies even if I don't enjoy TV shows from back then.