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How had I walked passed this large lesson, how. I'm 20 years old and I began this year being engaged to the man of my dreams and I'm ending it with being just 20 years old. No fiancé title. And it's not even about titles but it's such a bold and significant change.. At first completely draining then so neutral yet immensely liberating. The lesson of learning to be okay with my own company. To truly and indefinitely be loving thyself with no utter disturbance in these ever changing auroras. To be confident enough to no longer allow any form of negativity to affect your internal atmosphere... Beautiful. 12/7/15
@AlloBaber thank youu(: took such a long time to realize that. Not even just because of the break up but from my entire past. I realized that there were still a lot of negative energy from past events that I was still holding onto to. At first I was feeling upset about it being so oblivious to it. But now I'm just figuring out how to simply let goo.
@AprilMorales That's awesome, girl. :) Letting go is such an important skill to have. I'm glad you're learning that lesson now, because I didn't get there until I was 23... another 3 years of heartache. Truly inspiring. I hope you'll continue to share your lessons with us as they come :)
Wow. What an incredible lesson to have learned. That's pretty amazing to have under your belt at 20 years old! Loving yourself and being positive, even in the face of loss... to me, that's the key to happiness. :) @AprilMorales