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What is the TOPIK?

It is the "Test of Proficiency in Korean" which you can take to help you get jobs in Korea such as being a translator, or working in any Korean company that requires Korean language.
Every Tuesday I will post one multiple choice question from the beginner level, and one from the advanced level.
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Level 1 & 2 (Beginner)

Read the statement and select the subject of the sentence.
(Example: I have two dogs and one cat.)
Subject = Pets.
1. 한국에는 봄,여름,가을,겨울이 있습니다.지금은 가을입니다.
A. 계절
B. 나라
C. 시장
D. 휴일

Level 3 & 4 (Advanced Intermediate)

Choose the correct grammar for the ( )
1. 퇴근 후에 집에 와 보니까 동생이 여행에서 ( ).
A. 돌아와 있었다
B. 돌아오게 되었다
C. 돌아왔으면 했다
D. 돌아오도록 했다
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