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Do you want a fixed gear bike for Christmas? Maybe a first-press vinyl of Elliott Smith's 'XO'? Well, fortunately for you, a Portland-based mall is giving you the opportunity to share your Christmas list with a Santa who truly understands you.

Meet the Pioneer Place shopping center's Hipster Santa. He's checking his list, and then maybe leaving to read some lesser known Bukowski.

Hipster Santa passed on his signature red suit for thick-framed glasses, a man bun, and a cozier tribal-printed sweater. His reindeer sleigh is now a more environmentally and ethically sound red bicycle, and he keeps a vintage typewriter handy - you know, for when he's feeling inspired.

'Portland Santa' - as the mall calls him - is available for visits through December 17th, so if you find yourself in Oregon during the holidays, be sure to give him a visit.

(And, you know, some cookies made from primarily locally sourced ingredients.)
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That's just awesome. I'd totally visit this Santa!!
@littlemaryk I THINK SO TOO! Except for maybe the man bun, I can see this being what Santa looks like these days.
@littlemaryk here he comes to save the daaaaaaaay
lololol! I bet he does. Hipster Santa sounds like a super hero name the more I say it in my mind haha @shannonl5
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