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The bare areas are for my Kpop posters I am going to be ordering... I love my stuffed animals... Those on the bed are particularly special to me... Due to sentimentality...
My flashdrives full of Anime save for Rock Lee which is for the Xbox and my room mate is borrowing him...
Now tagging my chat buddies... @ArielaPicazo @electica @MadAndrea & @SugaOnTop
omg the flashdrives are so funny! and is it weird that im loling at the Vicks vapor rub cause it reminds me of VIXX? hahahaha
@MadAndrea LOL I guess it's a habit my dear Gma got me into, keeping my room clean... I used to be so bad at it and it's like a complete 180 change from how I was in high school... @kpopandkimchi Nah it is pretty funny... I am currently getting over a cold so like right behind the Vicks is some Tussin... And OmG for now on thanks to you I am going to be spreading Vicks on me and automatically be like "I am spreading VIXX all over me"... Thanks friend... God I love Vingle... I just realized how much I have started to live on it because you all are so accepting and wonderful people!!!
@NalaniCerteza Thanks...
Those flash drives are brilliant!!!
@KokoroNoTakara awesome! I really loved the fable games. Though I felt like 3 messed around a bit with it
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