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Look, most VIXX fans (I HOPE) have already learned that Leo is a person who not only loves adorable things, but tends to act pretty cute himself. Seriously. Sunggyu admits it. Keep reading and you'll find out how :)
Sure, he might give you a totally blank expression on camera, or seem like he's a bit angry, but that's really, really not the case!
Still, it's been hard to convince people who don't LIVE AND BREATH VIXX of that over the years, so THANKFULLY Sunggyu was able to confirm it for us. This video doesn't have the best subtitles, but they'll do (turn on CC!) and you can see that Leo is a cute, sweet guy, even if he doesn't always show it.
To be honest, you can already see this side of him at fansigns and in more informal settings than broadcasts, but I still appreciate this kind of story coming form one of Leo's idol friends ^-^
I love their friendship.
He is one of the cutest idols IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY. No one can tell me otherwise.
I was so happy when I saw that weekly idol episode. I also love how much more comfortable Leo seemed to be around the camera. I'm glad we're seeing it more and more.
my Leo. how I love him