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Only the first one is cute the others are a bit naughty. You have been warned. They are all ChimChim cept the last one and you can guess who cause I can't seem to do anything without him somewhere
@KokoroNoTakara @MadAndrea again credit to bangtext of tumblr
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@MadAndrea I'm 20 so you would think I shouldn't blush.. But boy, those text made me blush a mad red. And i swear my head just went crazy with bad thoughts 😱😳
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@BAbrajan1 Follow my BTS collection, I have many things from @SugaOnTop clipped there...
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@BAbrajan1 21 here and yep same for me haha. I guess we just have some wild imaginations
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oh dear lord chimchim it's like 50 shades of gray in this text
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