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Did you know Korean has a bunch of ways to say goodbye?

These are the formal ways to say goodbye and what makes them different:


>>>>> This literally means: Please GO well :) <<<<<
가다 means "to go" (가자, 가지마, etc)
so 가세요 means "please go"

Say it when: You stay, they GO.


>>>>> This literally means: Please STAY well :) <<<<<
계세요 is the polite way to stay "to be"
so this means "please remain/stay well"

Say it when: You go, they STAY.

Informal ways:

바이바이 (ba-i-ba-i) Bye-Bye!

잘가! (jal-ga) Go well :D

내일봐! (nae-il bwa) See you tomorrow!

@LisaMarissa reminded me of this phrase: 또 봐! - See you again!

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I dont know how to make card tags do i do that? if u want to learn phrases each day i can help ya
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love love learning ))
2 years ago·Reply
thanks gonna check it out after my classes
2 years ago·Reply
So helpful! Thank you!
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