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Welcome to this week's Funny Community Game: "Who Said It: Ebenezer Scrooge or The Grinch!"

As a special request from @tiffanywallace, @Gabby991, @Swordsman, @stevieq, we're putting Jim Carrey's Ebenezer Scrooge against Jim Carrey's Grinch. Test your knowledge, and the first person to get a 100% will get to choose next week's 'Who Said It' theme!

The rules are simple:

1) Read the quote (in your sourest, most anti-Christmas tone).
2) Guess who said it: Scrooge or The Grinch.
3) Swipe the quote to the left to reveal the right answer.
4) Share your results below!

Go forth and good luck!

Quote #1:

Quote #2:

Quote #3:

Quote #4:

Quote #5:

Quote #6:

So how'd you guys do? Who got them all right?

Let me know in the comments below!

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@Beeplzzz Damn, girl. You're a beast at this game lol.
2 years ago·Reply
I got #6 wrong.
2 years ago·Reply
only got one wrong
2 years ago·Reply
hahaha the second you do one im not familiar with ill tell you! but i have a great memory with some of the wackiest things hahaha! @danidee 😆😆
2 years ago·Reply
5/6😭 #2 got me
2 years ago·Reply