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Another episode of Ani Tore! EX has been released! You know what that means......time to workout!
If you haven't joined one of our ani! tore ex workouts before, make sure you look over the last workouts, ok? You can find them all here!

This episode is all about stretching!

I can't post the video this time, as the channel I was posting the subs from was terminated, but it's up on crunchyroll or probably on the anime site of your choice by now!
Anyways, the point is that it's important to stretch before & after you work out, or else you might hurt yourself! It's easier if you have a friend like in this episode, but it's possible alone, too! Plus, stretching helps your metabolism speed up earlier so you're burn even more calories, if that's what you're going for!
Now, we realllllllllly can no longer deny that this show is ridiculous geared at staring at their.....bodies. Just saying. I mean, sure, she's helping you "stretch," but like....why? Just whyyyyyy XD

Tagging the workout crew!

(if you want removed or added to this list, just let me know ^^)
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Is this anime any good??