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I'm used to seeing lists all about why you should be cosplaying....heck, I've made a few of my own, but today I want to talk about something else.

These are three reasons that I hear people have for cosplaying, that I really, really hate! So, introducing, three reasons you SHOULDN'T cosplay!

1. To Get Attention

Cosplay may and probably will give you attention, but I really don't support this being the primary reason. If you're going to cons and not having a good time, cosplaying might bet he way to start making it more fun -- it can enable you to connect with others who love what you love, and that's great. But your goal shouldn't be attention. You goal should be meeting those who like what you do, or bringing a character you love to life, or maybe having fun with a cosplay group! Either way, end game shouldn't simply be attention, in my opinion.

2. To Be "Better" Than Other Con-Goers

Look, I'm not saying a lot of people think like this, but let me just say it: being a cosplayer does not make you a better con goer than anyone else. Got it?
All cosplaying does is change the perspective through which you will experience a convention. Sure, you'll be getting your photo taken instead of taking them (or maybe you'll do both), but that doesn't mean you're better than the people taking your pictures. Nor does it mean you're better than the people who spend most of con in the dealer's room, or the gaming room, or anywhere else.
Cosplay is just another piece of the huge convention puzzle, and you should respect everyone, even if they don't cosplay.

3. To Be More Popular Than that Other __ Cosplayer

It's fine to want your cosplay to be the most accurate out there, or the most original, but that doesn't mean your focus in cosplaying should become beating others, because that's just not what this is about to me. Sure, there are masquerades and other cosplay competitions, but that still doesn't mean that you should be totally absorbed in the winning aspect. There's nothing wrong with wanting and trying to win, but don't forget to look beyond that!
Cosplay is a community -- we support each other, take pictures with those we meet (even if they're wearing the exact same outfit, from the same cosplay seller), and we have a good time!

Basically, what I'm saying, is don't let cosplay be about the attention or about winning or about being better than everyone else. Make it about the fun, the community, and do it for yourself.

You've cosplayed? :o how'd I miss this cx @hikaymm
@Straightshooter LOL yeah! I get being competitive if your'e actually competing, but letting it take over the whole cosplay scene is lammmme. @AngelusLapis I know that some people just won't get it, but....I dream, ya know? lol
We went to otakon last year and he cosplayed as an Inquisiter from the board game Warhammer 40K. It was super amazing. I told him this year if I do it I'll dress up as ALIEN or a TYRANID from 40K as well. Human vs Alien. Salvation vs Annihilation. XD :)
@Luci546 That's the best way to do it!!! Lol I do for the most part when I'm at conventions, but looking back I always end up seeing some stuff or hearing about it from friends
Great card :D I thought it was interesting, I never personally heard people complaining about cosplay but it might be because I naturally filter the negativity o: lol
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