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By doing it yourself. ;-)
Okay my beefcakes. I often mention foam rolling and then I realized, "uhhh some people might not know what that is." Foam rollers are pipe shaped and they provide a self-myofascial release.
What foam rollers do is provide relief to muscle tightness, knots, and soreness. The foam roller provides pressure to several different sites to your body, aiding in the recovery of muscles.
Foam rolling is a sweet pain. And it's supposed to hurt. Think of a deep tissue massage -- foam rolling is almost like that. Deep tissue massages can be very painful and uncomfortable, just as foam rolling can be. A foam roller is definitely something that's worth investing in, especially if you're very active. Also, foam rollers are very cheap. You can find them for around 20 bucks.
It definitely helps. It was pretty much a life saver when I was lifting heavy. @butterflyblu
That would be great to see @alywoah
Yes, for sure keep us updated. I will probably start posting my workouts when I find a rhythm to things. @marshalledgar
they r very useful
@marshalledgar you should try them. Especially since you're working hard at the gym now!
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