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So I was watching Up10tions new music video and I noticed there was a very small amount of views. I personally believe that they are underrated. And me being the under dog lover that I am I decided to make a card about them. haha
Jinhoo is the leader and Kuhn is the Co leader. Jinhoo age: 20 Kuhn: 20 Kogyeol: 19 Wei: 19 Bitto: 19 Wooshin: 19 Sunyoul: 19 Gyujin: 18 Hwanhee: 17 (side note Hwanhee is the one that people are comparing to Exo Baek Hyun vocally and visually) Xiao: 16
Now that you know their names and ages here is the most important part their music! Their songs are always catchy and the choreography is amazing! This one is there debut song.
And their comeback song!
Sorry if this card was too long! I hope you guys show Up10tion some love they deserve it. Thank you!
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@MorganElisabeth that's why this app is amazing! I'm glad I made this card.
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Happily a HIGH10TION member!!!! (not official fandom name) @Evalise You should check out the community.
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Wooshin is also my ultimate bias wrecker!!!!
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@glo86 will do thank you!
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