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They are so not dusguised... Fail... A cute fail but still a fail...
Why does Key look so damn sexy dressed as a female??? Why??? Omg Kpop what have you done to me??? Also Key does great in heels... Just saying that 4th pic... Seriously that's skill...
Onew, damn it Oppa you are older than me but why you so damn CUTE and ADORABLE??? Onew makes me want to cook for him all day... Him biting at that director's arm killed me... My bias...
Minho and Taemin lol omg... The second pic is his reaction to a fan seeing him in the drunk kissing scene in "To the Beautiful You"... Omg omg I am dying...
Tagging my close buddies!!! @ArielaPicazo @electica @MadAndrea & @SugaOnTop
What is this from?
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@Courtney98 SHINee's Tokyo Dome concert
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