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Hey everyone!!

hikaymm here. You might remember that I did a project back in October for Halloween that was called "The 13 Days of Anime Halloween." I had a lot of fun with it, and I think a lot of you did, too. You can see all the cards that were made for during the 13 days in this collection.

Anyways, I want to do something similar for the 12 days before Christmas!

But I'm kind of busy, lol, so I'm looking for a partner or two to help me with this. Basically, we would just come up with the questions together, and then we would make the prompt cards for each day. Kind of like this one, as an example.

So! If you're interested, please comment or message me, ok?

Everyone can join in on the Deck the Halls fun, but I want to have someone help me set it up for the whole comm to enjoy!!!
Messaged ya cx
I'd be okay with helping. Message me the details for the days and I can help if you want
Oooh, I want to help
i can help if you need it
how I help