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So I just found out that a close friend of mine, a girl I grew up with, was murdered yesterday along with her baby boy by her boyfriend.
I really am having a hard time not crying. She was so amazing and sweet and wonderful. How could someone be so cruel and heartless? How could he kill her and her beautiful baby boy?
I could really use some support right now guys. I'm going to try to get some sleep before work but it'll be because I've cried myself to sleep.
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I woke up to see all your wonderful messages of support. It's going to take a while for me to not be sad anymore but I won't do anything stupid. Thank you all and I love you
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@SugaOnTop we all love you very much!!!
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@SugaOnTop Oh my gosh I'm so so sorry for you and her family!!
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I'm so sorry sunshine. </3 we're all here for you <3
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I'm so sorry for you loss 💔 if you need anyone to talk to feel free to message me! Your Vingle family will always be here for you
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