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kyaaa... spoiler for Queen In Hyun's Man episode 11 How i love this couple... © enewsWorld : Things between the two actor’s characters are really heating up in their tvN drama Queen In Hyun’s Man. In the newest still cuts, Yoo In Na overcomes her 22 centimeter height difference with Ji Hyun Woo by standing barefoot and on tip toes on Ji Hyun Woo’s feet to give her the extra lift to meet Ji Hyun Woo’s lips. A source close to the drama production said, “The eleventh episode is an important one in that Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na’s romance officially begins. The two’s sincere and earnest feelings will reach a peek in the episode.” aahh... they really love to kiss 1st: earplug kiss 2nd: library kiss 3rd: car kiss and now this!!! looking forward for another kiss that will became a new trend
@bix2anca, it because uri Boong Do is a smart scholars, i bet he's not only read book about history of joseon in the library :p @luka yup, the difference in height dosn't seem matter to them :p
heehee this is sooo cute
you see, is amazing how a person from Joseon era knows about kisses more than guys from our days...by the way, have you seen this before in other drama?