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Guys I have something to tell you...
like I really shouldn't be doing this but I can't help it
Like honestly, you gotta forgive me....okay I'm sorry
I can't keep doing this to you guys, so I've gotta come clean so we can continue on properly as a vingle family
My secret is ....
Sometimes when you guys post photos/gifs I your cards .....I might have ...I mean I sort of save them
it's only because... look at the sexy... like your telling me if hot bod Taeyang casually comes across your screen you're not gonna save it for future reference XD
I don't do this with all photos if I post a picture/gif on here its usually not stolen SAFE lol
Am the only one who does this , just me...okay lol
it's okay though I have no shame lol
@Helixx *gets loud speaker* I would like to make an announcement that all cards must be put on hold , until further notice ....KwonOfAKind needs a new set of chapter lol ♡♡ (sorry but I love the game too much :P)
I do it too
I'm just a dirty perv. I have no excuse
No I do that too. Not for research tho. Because well it's for inspiration..😁
@Helixx I'll tag you that's a promise :) And it's okay it's no rush, I can wait forever if I have too. A person must wait for the things they love, am I right ♡ . . Have a amazing day :D
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