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So I am a member of Fairy Dragons!!! A guild on vingle and communicate on kik.

Ok to join please answer the following questions in the comments! QUESTIONS: 1.) Do you have a kik? If so what is the name? 2.) What is your favorite ship(If any) 3.) What is your age? 4.) Do you like to Role Play?(NOT REQUIRED) 5.) Do you love to talk about Fairytail and other anime? OTHER: Please tell us more about yourself at my or my guildmasters Lucy's kik Mine: TheOriginalRay24 Lucy: LucyOfFairytail_GM If there are any questions don't be afraid to ask us :3.
Available characters: Makorov, Mavis, Lyon, Evergreen, Yukino, Elfman, Zerif, Capricorn, Taurus, Dan Straight, CoCoa, sugar boy, huges, and a few more.

Original Rules

Rules/Things To Know 1. Never hurt one of your guild mates purposefully. 2. Always stick up for one another. 3. Be kind to your friends. 4. Once you're apart of the guild, you're in it forever, so choose wisely. 5. If you are inactive or hardly ever come on, you won't be banned from the guild. You're always going to be a part of us, not to fear. 6. No complaining about this guild. It's VERY important to me. 7. There is not really a limit to how many members there can be. HOWEVER, I will open and close it's doors if I feel it's necessary. For example, if for one day, we have a million members chatting at once, I'll have to close it's doors temporarily. If the next day, for whatever reason, only three people are chatting amongst themselves, the doors will be opened again. I do this not to be mean or unfair, but because there is only one of me and though I always love more members, it gets difficult to run everything myself. 8. I am not in favor of choosing people to be, for example, my helpers, or assistants, or whatever. To me that will lead to others feeling left out/ unimportant and the reason this guild was created was for others to feel equal, right? c: 10. The guild won't be official until at least 10 members join. (it's official c; ) 11. Perverted talk is not allowed. Of course, we don't ban members here, but if you do talk about such things, Ichiya will haunt your dreams =P 12. If cussing is allowed on this site, then it's allowed here. (as long as you don't cuss at your guild mates :< ) If not, then of course, it won't be here. 13. You are wonderful, amazing, special, brilliant, and everything in between! c: Original Card<-- Link
is there an age limit for joining?
@JacquelineSanch wanna join?
@amedina0125 well kik me at the kik i provided above.
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