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As women we can sometimes be hoarders.

Clutter is and can sometimes be our best friend. We hold onto items that no longer serve us purpose just because they happen to be there, taking up space. It doesn't have to be spring to get to cleaning. Whether it's a coat you've outgrown ages ago or hangers that are broken up and super outdated -- somethings are meant to be let go.
They say that 'a clear closet is a clear mind', so if you're closet is junky and full of clutter than that may explain why your mind has been all over the place lately. No worries, it happens to the best [and the worst] of us. In order to live a life and have a clutter free wardrobe you must first get rid of a handful of items. Letting go is hard to do, but trust me -- it's in your best interest. So, keep scrolling and do yourself and your closet a favor by removing these few items from your closet as soon as possible.

Shoes That Have Taken A Beating

If the shoes look too worn to wear, toss them. You need a shoe that will support your feet and be equally stylish. Treat yourself.

Broken Or Wire Hangers

Mommy Dearest said it best, 'no more wire hangers'. They're super outdated and honestly, they're rather tacky. Opt for some suede or velvet hangers.

Clothes That You Can No Longer Fit

Whether they are too small or too big, what exactly are you holding onto them for? Memories? Someone else will benefit from them more than you will at the moment. Donate them, you'll feel so much better about yourself.

Empty Shoe Boxes On The Floor

If you thought wire hangers were tacky, empty shoe boxes are just as tacky. Unless you actually have shoes inside of them, get rid of them. They're taking up way too much room.

Damaged Goods That Can't Be Fixed

Whether it's a hole or a stain, be realistic. The damage is done. The trash is calling its name. Don't waste anymore time.
We all have at least one item on the list.

Run home and get rid of it before it's too late.

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That was practical advice. I've been doing this for weeks-a little at a time. 😕 It hasn't been easy.