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Tis' the season for amazing nails.

Holiday inspired nails to be exact. If you thought designs were a thing of a past, think again. This year we are going for minimalistic designs that will capture your attention without doing too much. The great thing about these holiday designs is that they're easy as pie and you can create them on your own in just a few steps.
Did someone say pie? Talk about the holidays. You wouldn't want to hold a succulent piece of pie in your hand with chipped nails, so keep scrolling to see how you can deck your nails with nail art this holiday season according to Cosmopolitan.
1. Paint your nails a silver shade.
2. Create a horizontal line across your nail a quarter of an inch up from your cuticle. Use a striper brush dipped in navy polish to draw the line.
3. Fill in the top part of your nail with the navy hue.
4. Apply a matte topcoat over the navy part only. This will give you that matte-meets-shiny-silver combo.
1. Paint your nails a rich red shade. Madeline used this red polish.
2. Using a striper brush and black polish, draw four boxes on each nail.
3. Fill in each of the boxes with the black paint.
4. Create diagonal lines with the striper brush dipped in black polish to connect the black boxes, creating the plaid pattern.
1. Paint on two coats of a hunter green polish.
2. Using a striper brush, paint a thin line of silver polish to create your string for your lights. You can be creative with how you want the string to look, whether it's looped or just has a slight bend to it.
3. Dab nail glue where you want the crystals to stick.
4. Push a tiny nail into the eraser of a pencil to create a tool that will help you pick up the crystals more easily.
5. Place multicolored flat-back crystals that will serve as the lights. To place them on your nail with ease, put a dot of nail glue where you want to adhere the crystal to along the polish string, and then quickly dip the nail head into a little glue to pick up the crystal and immediately press it onto your nail.

What's your favorite nail art look for the holiday?

Yes!!!! It's so chic and simple ❤️ @ButterlfyBlu
Love love love the plaid. ❤️
pretty in plaid :)
hands down my favorite design! :) @WiviDemol