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ok so ...have you noticed all of these animes have something in common??
kamigami no asobi
brother conflict
diabolik lovers
uta no prince sama
ouran highschool host club
starry sky
akatsuki no yona
Vampire knight
gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun
kamisama kiss
theres even more than these few ive posted so many animes with one girl and a ton of boys liking her or one girl surrounded by boys馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Well this was not meant to be an anime recommendation but I suppose I'll create a card with more anime like this!@Sara3 @dimplequeen @Krispycream @MaryTowers
I've watch all of this anime they are my favorite
I have watched all of these except for 3...I'm just now realizing I really must like reverse harems right now haha
This is a genre called reverse harem. If you didn't already know that. Yaoi fans, like me, say since there are too many boys to ship with one girl why not just ship the boys together. But not everyone has this thought process.
conflict brothers is ma favorite
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