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Druaga no Tou: The Aegis of Uruk .Hack//Sign Sword Art Online Accel World Hikaru no Go The World God Only Knows No Game No Life Log Horizon (Overlord has yet to be watched so I cannot put on the list yet)
Hikaru no Go is so wildly intense for an anime/manga about a board game
@VinMcCarthy lol yeah. Fun board game though. Really funny playing people after they watch the show. It is always somehow not what they expected lol
Speaking of wildly intense. Go watch C: The Money of Soul and the Possibility of Control. It's economics 101 made into an intense supernatural fighting anime lol
Log Horizon and Overlord definitely belong on the list! Totally worth the watch!
@BraydenSaxon that's is a fantastic one xD oh and logged horizon is fantastic, I personally like it more than SAO and just slightly more than no game no life