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I am a huge fan of small, but thoughtful gifts. If you're looking for gifts for the gym buff, a mug can be the perfect gift. Chances are, they're drinking coffee for the energy spike, or tea of the health benefits. Either way, you can't really go wrong with mugs. Check out some of these mugs I found.

Remember, Always Listen To Your Body. Unless Your Body Says "Don't Deadlift Today." Stupid Body.

Time To Get Wheysted

The Protein Prayer

Our Protein,

Which Cometh In Tubs And Shakers,

Hallowed Be Thy Drink

Thy Will Be Wheysted,

I Will Be Jacked,

At Home As In Gym.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Protein Shake

And Forgive Us Our Loose Cap Spillages,

As We Forgive Those Who Will Spill Against Us

And Lead Us Not Into Muscular Atrophy,

But Deliver Us Our Well-Earned Gains,

For Thine Is the Squat Rack,

The Barbell And Protein Shake,

Forever And Forever


I Stated A New Exercise Routine. Everyday I Do Diddly Squats!

Tired Of Being Fat And Ugly? Just Be Ugly! #LIFT

I Tried Cardio Once...Worst 2 Minutes Of My Life

A Squat For A Squat Will Make The Whole World Swole

Which mug do you love the most? I am really digging the protein prayer mug!
so want the protein prayer one lol
Lol @ the ugly one. but I also have to say I grew up a big cardio junkie & since moving back stateside 13 years ago I pretty much gave up cardio so that mug gave me a chuckle--bcuz that's how I felt starting back up
HAHAH my favorite's gotta be the Just Be Ugly one! I actually saw an ad of a fitness center with Shrek and Hulk where they used those exact same lines!
@danidee when I was younger I was really big on running, riding my bike, & rollerblading. Now I live in Florida & it's always too hot to be outdoors. 9 days till Christmas & forecast looks like high 80 degrees on the big day
diddly squats 4 lyfe
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