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I am so happy to say it is Minho day!!!!!! So I will post through out today with beautiful cards for my love!! Please join me and tag me in any card you make!!!!!!!
To start I just want to thank his parents for bringing him into this world. He is a great man and you raised him so well!!!!!!! He is handsome, kind, brilliant, and talented!! It wouldn't be the same with out him!
Now sadly my love doesn't have his own IG so I have to live on through others, here are some random pictures with others stars!
Key keeps me alive lol
All of the Selcas of my babiesssss!!!!!!
So I hope you enjoy the beautiful pictures of my Korean Husband XD

생일 축하해 민호!!!!! 사랑해요 오빠!!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! You deserve all the best and I hope you get it!
(I own nothing XD)
Happy Birthday Minho!!💖💖🎂😄😄
IF he did i would say happy birthday and show stop much 💘
Giggles cool thing is I share the same birthday with Minho cause I was born on December 9,1992
Happy Birthday flaming charisma oppa!
Happy Birthday Minho!
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