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SUENGRI "GG BE" is so catchy, if you haven't heard it yet listen to it right now!!! I promise you will be singing the chrous after tiut finish listening to it! I'm so proud of Big Bang's Maknae....He is ahreayt singer and i hope he starts to work on his solo career a little bit because I love his songs!!

Have You Heard This Song Before? Do You Like It? And If You Do, Tell Me Why!!

this is awesome! I love his voice... I love all of big bang's voices.
@johnEvans I also love "Love Box " actually I didn't know which one I like more
@monikad My favorite song by him is "Love Box"...Its so good!!! I love Suengri's voice
I've been obsessed with this song for the last few weeks! I love the dance to it too and he is just adorable during his performance of it.
I love all of his songs specialy "Come To My"