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SUENGRI "GG BE" is so catchy, if you haven't heard it yet listen to it right now!!! I promise you will be singing the chrous after tiut finish listening to it! I'm so proud of Big Bang's Maknae....He is ahreayt singer and i hope he starts to work on his solo career a little bit because I love his songs!!

Have You Heard This Song Before? Do You Like It? And If You Do, Tell Me Why!!

I've been obsessed with this song for the last few weeks! I love the dance to it too and he is just adorable during his performance of it.
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I love all of his songs specialy "Come To My"
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@monikad My favorite song by him is "Love Box"...Its so good!!! I love Suengri's voice
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@johnEvans I also love "Love Box " actually I didn't know which one I like more
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this is awesome! I love his voice... I love all of big bang's voices.
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