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GREETINGS PUNY MORTAL WORLD! I am Shinigami-san! I am an all-powerful God of Death! Read my bio, if you dare... So you've probably seen me around the Anime community here on Vingle for the past month. Yes, you read that correctly, a month. Procrastination at its finest, right there.
I am a friendly immortal reaper that enjoys watching anime, playing videogames, watching Marvel movies, drawing digital art, roleplaying with OCs, and making new friends. I write short fiction and poetry as well. I also like stealing Ryuk's apples and eating L's strawberry cake. Eating lunch with Luffy, sparring with Keneki, and hitting on girls with Klien are also popular pastimes of mine.
SO FEAR ME!!!!!!! *chibi scary face!*
I SAID FEAR ME! I will write your name in my DeathNote if you don't FEAR ME!!!!
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(eats apple and yells to ryuk) -_- ITTSS MINE!!!!
@ShinigamiSan I can't believe you did it😧 wow. I will never doubt you
@gabbycalzada Believe it! Believe in the Light! Believe... in.... JUSTICE!!!
@ShinigamiSan 😩 I should have seen that coming. I just said I'll never doubt you, never said I would believe in that so called "justice"