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Fairy Tail: Fairy tail is on my top list. I love the atmosphere at the guild and the relationship between the characters and their magic. I need to admit, I ship Jerza really hard ;)
Tokyo Ghoul : I love the evolution of Kaneki from being a normal college student to becoming an awesome ghoul. Even though he left the Antique for the Aigori ghoul organisation, he never forgot his initial friends.
Highschool dxd : (Alright, some people are gonna crtisize but I don't care!) Highschool dxd is at the border with hentai but it's a pretty funny anime. A friend advised it to me for the...hmmmm....... hompai......... hmmmm but I came to become pretty interested in the story and the relationship between Issei and the rest of the Grimory clan.
Shingeki no kyojin or attack on titan : I just love this anime! The characters and the story are just awesome!! I absolutely adore Rivaille and Mikasa, they're two of my favorite anime characters ever!! I also tend to ship Mikannie (mikasa+Annie)
Death note : Death note is freaking great. I absolutely love Rito's goal to eliminate all the criminals and how everyone is trying to stop him. I also like the way Rito deals with L during the entire anime.
These are basically the anime I'm watching and liking very much right now. Besides that, my favorite anime and mangas are dragon Ball, DBZ, city hunter, Saint Seya, fullmetal alchemist and one punch man. I'll probably be watching others and will update this post!!!
Fairy Tail is my favorite anime. Some of their story arcs like the celestial spirit one and the clock one what kind of boring and slow to me. but I love the character so I pull through
Naruto Fairy Tail Kuroko No Basket Inuyasha Death Note Black Butler The rest are in my bio
I definitely agree with you! I recently got to the celestial spirit arc and I find it way too boring compared to the previous ones...
I lvoe FT and Tokyo Ghoul! Highschool DxD I like a bit
Love Fairy Tail and actually enjoy High school dxd for a lot of the same reasons. I'm not a fan of Jerza though ;)