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PROLOGUE: You and Jimin have been best friends since the day he debuted. You each have had crush on each other since the day you first met but he was never able to confess because he did not know how you felt about him. He took you to a gala because he was nervous for his performance and wanted to see your face so that at least he wasn't feeling like he was alone. You and him were driven to the hotel room by the rest of the BTS group members.
You wake up unable to understand what had happened last night, all you can remember is that you had too much to drink and passed out. You wake up to a beautiful room filled with roses on vases. He had stayed with you the entire night because he too was drunk.
---You look up and you notice Jimin staring at you from across the room and smiles at you. You stare at him with full gaze because he was shirtless and you didn't want to look away. He asks you what you were looking at but you tried to be slick and told him "nothing".He then bites his lip and smiles at you again.
In the afternoon you both went to another party. Drinking 3 glasses of tequila and Champagne you both leave the party early.
----Although you and him were not drunk when you arrived to the hotel room you couldn't control your feelings for each other.
Things start to heat up. You take off Jimin's shirt and he takes off your bra pulling your waist closer to him. You toss him on the bed and you could feel his heart beating faster and faster and him breathing heavily. He sat up and kisses your neck and your entire body. Flipping you over the bed he tells you something he's never told you before: "I love you".
The night was intense, both of you forgot what was happening in the world and focused only on yourselves.
------In the morning you wake up first but Jimin pulled you into his arms setting you on top of him as he whispered "good morning" while his head was on your chest. He looks up at you, grabbed your waist and kisses you.
For you it seemed like a dream: Just Jimin and you laying down on the bed on a beautiful morning.
You start to question your relationship as soon as you enter the bathroom: "Will it last?, what if it was only because we were probably drunk??"
------Your thoughts were interrupted by Jimin rapping his arms around your waist. As you turn around he starts to talk:
"I had a crush on you since the first day i met you. I'm sorry if i came on too fast but i just couldn't--"
You interrupt him with a kiss and bite his lip (because you felt the same way about him). Soon he picks you up and wraps your legs on his waist. He pushes you to the wall and starts to kiss your neck.You have no idea if it's all a dream if its real because this time he got even more excited. You pull your nails down his back and things start to heat up again.
Every feeling you both had for each other has finally reached its point to where you couldn't take it and went wild.
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