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Joanna Boyles, a mother of two, couldn't afford to go to the gym, so she did something else: she started working out in her home. She proved that you don't need a personal trainer or a really cool gym. You just need commitment and hard work. She used weights, resistance bands, and a hand-me-down treadmill to achieve her fitness goals.
After the birth of her two sons, she had gained 55 pounds. At only 5'2 she weighed 165lbs. After her weight loss, she was able to go down to 115lbs with only 14 percent body fat!
'Being a new mom of two very little ones, I was exhausted and didn't know exactly what I was doing. All I knew was that I didn't like where I was, mentally and physically," Boyles said. Her weight loss was more than for herself, she wanted to teach her sons the value of being active and healthy.
After doing her own research, she was able to come up with her own meal and workout plans.

'Through a lot of practice, I was able to turn it into a lifestyle and get the results I had always dreamed of,' she said.

Boyles proves that anything is possible, with the right kind of tools. According to DailyMail, this is what her current diet looks like:


Almond salad with light dressing


Rice cakes with almond butter, honey, and MuscleTech Whey Protein,


Chicken quinoa salad


Greek yogurt, MuscleTech whey protein, oatmeal and berries

What An Inspiration!

I almost lost 30 lbs buuuut, i eventually continued on to my fat was and gained 15 but her workout still shows results even if i still eat like a pig -_-'
I think it's different for everyone? My breasts went down when I lost weight, but they were still pretty large. (Honestly I wish they got even smaller) I would assume that losing weigh through puberty wouldn't really do much. But I am not a doctor, so idk lol. @luci546
Is that her in the Reebok Spartan race pic?
As a fellow female, I think the strangest thing to me about working out is how the bra size shrinks e.o I'm not sure how that works. I know how it's part of the majority of fat, but what happens if a woman is still going through puberty? Does it interfere with it?
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