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Mexican Taste

This just to give you a small idea of the mexican food and some of my favorites. For instance, Chalupas which are really delicious, they are small fried "tortillas" with sauce on top, onion, and meat. One of the most famous dishes in my hometown is "Chiles en Nogada" , which is a large chilli whit meat and fruit inside with a white souce made wiht cheese and nuts, on top we add a the grain of the Pommegranate and coriander. Of course "tacos" and there are serveral versions of them and sauces. "Mole" is the most known dish here, it's made with chocolate and a special chilli amog other things and it is usually served with rice. "Pozole" and "Tamales are some of the most delicious dishes and you can find them everywhere. ¡Bon Appetit! or as we say here ¡Buen Provecho! =)
Yeah, it's the 6th one. I also like tacos, I'll be posting some more pics about food for you and your dream! =)
I love Tacos (who doesn't). I think out of all of these, I want to try Pozole the most (is it the 6th photo?) but all of them look delicious! Definitely I will remember to try them all when I get the chance to come there and visit.
Mmmm, It's a hard question, Carlos. I think my favorite would be the "Chalupas", I don't eat them too often though. This was just to give you an idea of the traditional food hehe. What dish would you like to try?
Ahhh, they all look delicious, @Avril25 !! These are wonderful pictures. And I love your description of the food! What's your favorite dish among all of these?