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I always been a loner in high school but since I've joined the crazy Kpop world I've been able to meet new people without being judged by my looks.
Kpop has saved me from myself. I've been severely depressed for years but with kpop I was able to truly laugh and cry again.
I've been introduced to a new culture plus fangirling is totally fun
I'm curious how has kpop changed your life
I'm so proud of you! Everyone should feel good about themselves and not worry about what anyone else says about them! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ continue doing what you're doing.
Let's be proud to together to be a fangirl of kpop! πŸ˜„ my conditions will never change!
this is a great story - im so glad you found kpop and you found us!!!
AristaJ, like you I've spent time in depression- and still do every now and again. When I really got into kpop my freshman year of college it saved me.