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The only thing I love just as much as anime is comics and narrowing it down to all companies not just one, this is my top ten favorite comic book characters!
10: Kid Flash (Wally West)
9: Godzilla
8: Doom & Deathstroke
7: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
6: Lara Croft & Wondergirl
5: Beast Boy
4: Blue Beetle
3: Robin (Damian Wayne)
2: He-man
Honorary mentions: Alien, Daredevil, Arsenal, and Batman I know Alien is but, I don't know if Freddy and Michael Myers are in a comic so I did not include them.
1: Red Hood (Jason Todd)
Sorry for the no descriptions but, my list is almost identical to my DC list.
@OGv6FATE true. I mean don't get me wrong I love me some Nightwing. But they can coexist.... just maybe not in the same comic books
Love it! Glad to see Damian Wayne still getting the appreciation :D
@shannonI5 @OGv6FATE Personally i'm a fangirl of both of them. Nightwing is my husbandu and Damien I just wanna fucking hug the shit out of.
@shannonl5 Thanks! :) And yea people are always on the Nightwing.
hmm mine would be diffent