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By now, I'm pretty sure a lot of you know that I -- in my dreamiest of dreams -- would love to quit my job and be an X-Wing Pilot. But that's not real, they say. X-Wings are spaceships, they tell me. WELL I'M ALLOWED TO HAVE DREAMS AREN'T I DAD, GEEZ.
Phew, anyway, Dustin over at DIY Prop Shop made a handy video guide on how to make your very own X-Wing Helmet for just about 22 dollars! That's basically the same amount of money I have in my bank account right now! So, see you later Dad, I'm going to make this helmet and a cardboard X-Wing and fly far, far away from this place!
Okay, so maybe I'm not going to do all that. I mean, if I spent 22 dollars on making this helmet that looks like I was the last one to pick a helmet at the X-Wing Pilot party (that totally exists somewhere), I wouldn't have enough money to go to Chipotle with Emily, Jane, and Randall after school.
I mean, it doesn't really matter how cool it looks as long as I can wear it at home right? You know what? This little helmet might be worth making and maybe little jumpsuits too! Emily told me she always wanted to "swede" a movie and I think with DIY props like this helmet we could finally do that.
And! It'd be one of (and probably the only) way any of us could be in a Star Wars movie. Man, I can't wait to go to Chipotle and talk to them about it. I bet they'd be so psyched.
I know I'm definitely going to try to make this helmet after I recoup some funds after the Burrito Bowl I'm going to eat in like 10 minutes, so maybe you guys should give it a shot too. Just make sure you have a buddy or a handy uncle or a nice dad that'll let you use his tools. WHY DON'T YOU EVER LET ME USE YOUR TOOLS, DAD, I'M ALMOST AN ADULT.
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well I know what I'm wearing to the premiere