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12 minutes. Upper and lower body. A body weight cardio blast – no equipment needed.

This awesome workout is ready to rock you to your core. Do one or two rounds, according to your ability; you'll definitely feel the burn!

Check out the images below to learn how to do the moves!

But be sure to follow the pink image above; the below are not in order. :) If you're a beginner, do one round; for more advanced fitness levels, do two!
Credit to Lucille Roberts for the workout :)

Jumping Jacks

Alternating Side Lunges

First go to one side, then to the other. (Hence "alternating"! Pretty easy, huh?)


Stick your butt out behind you, and don't let your bent knees pass your toes.


This is one magical exercise that combines strength training AND cardio! Push through, because these are tough. ;)

Alternating Reverse Lunges

Switch between legs. Keep your back straight, and your core and butt engaged. Don't let that bent knee surpass your toes!

Mountain Climbers

There are two styles you can try – scroll to see both. The first is a cardio-heavy mountain climber sprint; the second, a slower-paced version that concentrates more on toning muscles. It's your decision which to do! :)

Speed Skaters

This move's all about cardio and coordination – and working muscles you didn't even know you had.

Butt Kicks

Like jogging in place, but you bring your feet all the way up so that they almost kick your butt. :)

Push Ups

You know the drill! Hands slightly wider than chest-width apart, positioned at mid-chest level. Keep your knees on the ground if you need to, à la 7th grade gym class. Keep head and back straight.

Awesome job!

Another great step in your fitness journey. For more workouts and health tips, be sure to follow my Easy Health Hacks collection! And if you have any questions or workout requests, definitely let me know in the comments below :)
I know that it's called the nasty girl, but im sure anyone can do it... right?
Hahahahaha I'm already laughing too hard XD <3@XavierLopez
gee thanks, now all my dreams can come true lol (trying not to laugh too hard)
@XavierLopez Hahahaha of course!! :D it'd definitely be great for guys too! ^.^ it's only called that because I got it from an all-women's gym site lolol. You'll be a "nasty girl" in no time Xavier 😂😂😂
Thank u.can u recommend me some exercises that doesn't involves knees.