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my bones are like dense reads by authors ahead of their time......people always fucking say that....."HE WAS AHEAD OF HIS TIME"......even when he wasnt, really. just like they say brilliant, genius, the best.... never have those words been used to describe me. do i care? YES! its like the fact that im standing here in front of you and him and her and them means i cant be a genius, brilliant, ahead of his time guy. Thats reserved for dead people and pop stars. writers who have sold and live in maine or on a farm in connecticut or new mexico. they cant possibly mean me. and they dont. and they never do. and they wont ever because im standing here amongst them. im like they are: pretty and boring and regular.
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"Writers who have sold and live in Maine" love it. It's not all writers people usually think of, not those of us pounding the keys each day trying to make something brilliant happen...but are left in obscurity. This was great!