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I'm late on this, mew. Kurisu and Zoro. There are so many crushes I have where I can sit in their laps, purr, and blush and stutter. If only I can do that, mew. But I chose two that match my personality. Kurisu is stubborn, but has a brilliant mind while keeping a cute, mystery appearance. I like to explore our ideas in real time and maybe snuggle and drink Dr. Pepper. Zoro. Here's a guy who's a lot of fun to hang out with a bar, and sailing the seas. He's laid back, a little modest but clever, and he carries three swords with him (one in his mouth). That's takes a lot of balls and it's hot as hell.
Makoto and Chiaki. They share the same interests, hobbies, and yet it takes a lot of courage to show how they feel about each other after time leaping so many times. Also they insult each other. That's great too.