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A lady called into a radio station to raise a concern she's had for quite some time. It was after she was involved in 3 accident involving deer near deer crossing signs in Minnesota. She was frustrated with the lack of interest in her concerns that the other places she's reached out to showed. You have to hear what that concern was and her suggestion on how to fix the problem yourself to fully appreciate how funny this is!!! I don't want to spoil it! The crazy part is she is totally serious!
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But what if deer DO know how to read...
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I mean the deer might be like "hey that looks like my cousin" and gallop right on over for a closer look at least right? l @danidee
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*Cue the Twilight Zone music.*
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And really the whole idea about having the deer cross at school crosswalks was very reasonable I thot. What's funny is she put enuf thot into this pressing issue to think of solutions as well as contact the state Highway and another agency before the radio station but yet said she felt it was her prior sheltered life growing up in the country that contributed to her belief that these signs were for the deer. HUH??? it is what it is the connections weren't connecting and the screws were a bit loose that day. She made it worse by offering that for a reason. lol Maybe I should post the follow up call as well.
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You should!
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