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Being a student isn't easy.

But you're all superheroes. When it comes to unbeatable odds, you're going to make it. If you're suffering through the beginning of your finals, or you can see the light on the horizon, never fear. Your heroes are supporting you all the way! Take Cap for example. He recommends using when you're writing your bibliography. Just type in the book title or ISBN and it will generate your citation for you!

Stagger things when you can.

Obviously some teachers are villains and they're not going to give you your due dates far ahead of time. But when you catch a break, try to think ahead. You don't want to be cramming for a midterm the same night you need to write a huge paper.

Take breaks!

It might be difficult at first, but if you're not resting you're not going to hand in your best work. Drink lots of water. Eat (canned food is better than nothing) and aim for at least three meals a day. If you're taking a power nap, either 20 or 90 minutes is probably going to give you the most energy.

Give yourself a break.

It can be tempting to go down the shame spiral. Should have studied harder should have partied less should have been somehow better- give your brain five minutes to self-sabotage and then shut it down as best you can. You are not your grades. Try your best and keep learning.

Be your own hero.

Something I like to tell myself when things get difficult: "Your track record for living through things is pretty good so far." I've faced a lot of difficult sh!t in my life, and I know you all have too. And you know what? You're still here. Judging from your past, you're going to make it through this too.
For everyone that's been studying super hard out there @Marichel @AimeeH @SeanFrank @MichaelLopez @emilyyruiz86 @KiraHitomi @OGv6FATE @Priscillasdoor @TiffanyWallace @SarahVanDorn @AlPorter @YoSoySoysauce or knows someone who still is! You and your friends will all make it through
@shannonl5 Yes it was good tears dear
@Marichel YAY!!!! God for you, I know you can do it!!!!!!
THANKS FOR THIS CARD!!im halfway through Finals!! @shannonl5
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